Large Munsterlander Puppies

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Quiet here – no puppies!!

Fern and Ash Puppies 7.5 weeks old 1Now the puppies have all gone to their new homes, it’s very quiet here.  They will be 12 weeks old this week, lovely to hear how they are all getting on a growing very long legs.

We do have some plans for another litter in the Spring 2015 (must be mad!), so if you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please contact us at

Puppy Photos

Puppies born on 24th September. Lots of puppy photos here:

Nearly time for puppies!!

Fern 58 days pregnant

Not a great photo as Fern keeps wanting to sit down, but here she is with a few days to go before her puppies are due.

Her whelping box and labour ward (utility room) is ready, camera ready, we’re ready, just got to wait now and will be relieved when all the puppies are here safe and well.