Fern’s pregnancy update

fern-pregnantFern is very well and growing in size considerably.  She looks like a whale when lying down, this photo was taken last week, so at around 6 weeks pregnant.  Doesn’t she look a picture of health, her coat is really shiny, she’s still very active and she’s eating lots of healthy natural food.

We will be getting the maternity unit (utility room) ready next week, we are very excited and sure all the expectant puppy owners are too.  I think she’s bigger than last year when she had 6 puppies but that doesn’t mean that I have any idea how many she will have.  The scan showed several pups, though I never ask for an estimate of numbers as it’s enough to know she is pregnant.

I went to the Natural Dog Conference last weekend, which was fantastic, I learnt loads more about feeding a natural, balanced diet for all of our dogs and will wean the puppies onto a raw, natural diet.





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