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The Large Munsterlander Club Committee

On 3rd April 2022, the Large Munsterlander Club held it’s AGM and the new committee was formed. We now have a great team spread across the country and with varied experience and knowledge of the Large Munsterlander. 

The Large Munsterlander Health Survey 2022

The survey has been established by the Large Munsterlander Club and The Kennel Club to gain a better understanding of existing health concerns and identify potential emerging concerns within the breed. The results gained from this survey will direct new research to specific areas of the breed’s health that requires further attention to ultimately improve the future health and well-being of the Large Munsterlander.

Taunton & District Open Show January 2022

A really nice critique for Dora and her friends at the show held last Sunday. Very efficient judge publishing their critique so quickly and she was lovely with the dogs too.

2022 – New Year, Website Refresh & New Beginnings

In September, I was co-opted onto the Large Munsterlander Club Committee. I am very keen to be involved with promoting the club and its activities and very much want to help with the future health of our breed.

Bath Championship Dog Show 2018

This will be Dora’s (Kamaze Cosmic Diamond) first dog show this Saturday 26th May 2018.  She is 11 months old and so can just enter as a puppy.  Fingers crossed she behaves for me. Come back and see how we got on.

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Fern and Ash’s puppies – Echo, Eva, Otto, Ozzy, Logan and Maddie. Hope there are lots of lovely treats for you all today!! xx

Puppy Update

Large Munsterlander Puppies June 2017
Kamaze Liberty – Fern

Fern has less than one week to go before her puppies are due to be born.  Much excitement here and everything is ready for the patter of tiny paws.

Fern is very well, has a tummy full to the brim of puppies, doesn’t she look blooming!!