2022 – New Year, Website Refresh & New Beginnings

Review of 2021 and looking forward to the New Year and new beginnings for Kamaze Large Munsterlanders

Life has changed somewhat in the Caile household during the last year.

I have gone back to work full time and Richard has retired. Both children are at university and we lost Dora’s mum and grandmother within a few months of each other so Dora is now an only dog. We hope to rectify this sooner rather than later. My dog training business (Kamaze Dogs) has taken a back seat through lack of time although I have many opportunities for online training if you need some help. Richard and I are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Unfortunately, Dora didn’t get pregnant on her last season; don’t let anyone tell you breeding dogs is easy… We will try again in the Spring, watch out for news.

In September, I was co-opted onto the Large Munsterlander Club Committee. I am very keen to be involved with promoting the club and its activities and very much want to help with the future health of our breed. I am co-ordinating the Large Munsterlander Health Survey with the help of the Kennel Club. Hopefully we will have it ready for owners to complete in the next few weeks. The survey will be hosted on Survey Monkey and should only take 10 minutes to complete for each Large Munsterlander that you have owned and those that have sadly passed away. We hope to get many responses to build a picture of any health issues in our breed that need further research and monitoring.

The Large Munsterlander Club Membership

Large Munsterlander Club membership is ideal for anyone interested in the breed as well as those who are current or prospective owners. We host a wide variety of working events, natural aptitude tests, days out and dog shows, so why not get involved? Membership includes a full colour newsletter produced three times per year and includes some interesting articles written by experienced Large Munsterlander owners.

Membership is renewed annually and costs £10 for a single, £12 for joint/family, £15 for overseas and £5 for gamekeepers. You can download an application form here or let me know and I’ll send you a copy by email or in the post if you are unable to print the form: LMC Membership Application Form

The AGM is being held on 20th March in Stainton, South Yorkshire. Any members who would like to attend the AGM will be most welcome. Let me know if you would like more information.

(Some of the information above has been quoted from the Large Munsterlander Club website here: http://www.largemunsterlanderclub.co.uk

Are you interested in having a go at showing your Large Munsterlander at Pedigree Breed Shows?

During the year, many dog shows are held throughout the UK, including Open Shows and Championship Shows – some shows are for all pedigree breeds, some just for Gundog breeds and the Large Munsterlander Club hold two single breed Open Shows and one Championship Show each year.

Numbers of dogs being entered at the shows are usually good but it would be lovely to see some more Large Munsterlanders out and about. I enter a number of shows with my dogs, mainly for the social aspect, chatting and drinking coffee among likeminded people and if we do well in the show ring, that’s a bonus. We always take the best dog home whatever the outcome.

Therefore I would like to encourage more Large Munsterlander owners to enter their dogs so that more shows include classes for Large Munsterlanders. If your LM needs a bit of training for the show ring, there are usually Ringcraft Clubs nearby who can help you.

Email me at karen@caile.me.uk for more information and a copy of my list of shows.

Working your Large Munsterlander

To be honest, I haven’t been involved in formal working activities with my Large Munsterlanders since 2016/17 when I entered a few working tests with Meg and before that with Fern. Dora is a delight to live with but can be a handful. She a brilliant nose but when that takes over, she struggles to think and I’ve lost her attention. There is no doubt she has the desire to work – she is my work in progress and I learn something everyday with her.

I intend being more involved in working activities in 2022 and will support the Natural Aptitude Test taking place on the 9th April. This event will be organised by the Large Munsterlander Club. Also The Large Munsterlander Club Working Test will be held at Hall Barn in July. Look out for updates.

Send me an email if you are interested in starting gundog training or entering working events or even if you think you may be able to help me with training my dogs.

I would like to wish you all a Healthy and Happy New Year.  Let’s make 2022 a good one!


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