SH CH Blitzan Rhine JW ShCm

How proud are we that Ali and Andrew Cobbledick have chosen our Mazy (Blitzan Eternal Treasure) to be the mother of what could be Logi’s last litter of puppies.

Once you’ve read all about Logi here, you’ll understand what a special dog he was and how gorgeous these puppies will be:

SH CH Blitzan Rhine JW ShCm

Logi - SH CH Blitzan Rhine JW ShCm08/04/2001 – 03/04/2014

Logi was 1 of a litter of 16 puppies and was destined never to leave Ali and the Blitzan family, he was a big chunky boy and every time puppy owners came round to choose, Logi would sit quietly by Ali’s legs, Ali kept telling Andrew she was only keeping 1 this time.  Zeta, had been chosen, but quietly Ali had no intention of parting with her boy, and the longer she kept him in the background when puppy owners came the more Andrew came round to keeping him, he was after all a handsome, cuddly laid back boy.

He only had two shows as a puppy due to being born at the wrong time for shows, but both Logi and his sister, Zeta came out and each won their classes, Logi beat Zeta for Best puppy. The second show was Crufts, and under breed specialist, Mr Keith Groom, the same thing happened, Zeta won puppy bitch and Logi won puppy dog and then also won Best Puppy in Breed. That was the start for Logi, 2002 saw Logi get his Junior Warrant, back then the rules were different and tough but he gained his JW title with ease. He also won his first RCC that year.

The best thing about the showing was Logi absolutely loved his time out in the ring with his Mum, in fact a judge that happened to be watching the judging one day said of Logi, that he was laid back and happy and obviously just out for a day with his Mum, he was like that in the ring, he always had his eyes on Ali, his half-sister Diva was the opposite, she eye balled the judges!!

2003 was Logi’s year, his first show was WELKS where he won his first CC and Best of Breed, he then went on to win 2nd in the Gundog Group, there were 1000’s of dogs there that day but Logi was judged 2nd best overall Gundog. Ali and Logi floated all the way home, that was one thing with Logi he knew whether he had won, he loved it if he got a rosette and would carry it in his mouth on his lap of honour.

The second show of the year saw Logi win his 2nd CC and Best of Breed, and as the year went on Logi ended up winning his Show Champion title and the honour of Top Large Munsterlander in the UK.  Tthe points of his win were added up and announced in the dog owners national newspaper ‘Dog World’.  If memory serves correctly Logi won a total of 6 CCs and 2 RCCs that year, as well as his titles. He went on to win his Show Certificate of Merit with ease, being helped along by wining Reserve Best in Show at an open show., not only once but twice.

Each year Logi was shown he won at least on CC and 2 RCC’s, he also won Best in Show at the Large Munsterlander Club Show not once but twice, he also won the title of Top Sire for several years.  His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are still out there winning top honours now.

To live with Logi was an angel, so laid back and so loving, he was Ali’s boy through and through. Such a handsome boy who lived life to the full. In his younger days he enjoy time as a working gundog, he was a working boy through and through, until he got home and them he was just Mummy’s boy up on the sofa for cuddles.

When I asked Ali to name one amazing thing Logi had done, she didn’t mention his awards, although proud of them Logi went above and beyond, he sired a litter of puppies, and when the pups were just a week old the mother was taken very poorly, the breeder bought the puppies to Ali’s house where at least they felt the bitch’s in the home would wash and snuggle up with the babies.  Well they never had a chance, as soon as Logi saw the babies he went on guard duty and once they were in the whelping box under the heat lamp, Logi climbed in and took the task of washing bottoms and faces very seriously.  He then laid down with them and nuzzled them all up close to him and there he stayed, he wouldn’t even get out at his dinner time, he had to be fed in the box with his babies.  As Ali and Andrew bottled fed and weaned them on to porridge, Logi washed the babies and kept them clean and warm, even at night he stayed with his babies.  In the all the years Ali has bred dogs she has never had a male dog who wanted anything to do with puppies let along ‘mother’ them.

In short, Logi was a handsome, extremely clever boy, he was a super working dog but above all he was a laid back loving lad who adored his family, especially his Mum.
One in a million and one to be proud of.

Some quotes from breeders who have used Logi at stud.

‘I’ve never had such a laid back puppy, she amazing, and so like her Dad.’
‘This is the first bitch I’ve had who is happy to be among crowds of dogs at shows, she loves every one and every dog.’
‘Finally I have bred a dog which is calm and up to a good show standard.’

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