Large Munsterlander Puppies

 13th May 2022 9 puppies from Sh Ch Wonglepong Wills Faramir (Brian) and Kamaze Cosmic Diamond (Dora) were born. All the puppies are reserved.

We occasionally plan a litter of Large Munsterlander puppies.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders, one of only two Large Munsterlander breeders with this status in the UK.  Have a look at The Kennel Club information about buying a pedigree puppy and all about the Assured Breeder Scheme here:  Our puppies are rarely advertised as they usually have homes already waiting for them.  Our KC Assured Breeder status can be found here:

The puppies are bred very carefully, ensuring as well as we can that the puppies will be healthy and improve the future of the breed, they are reared inside our home, receiving the best care and socialised well.  We want our puppies to go to excellent, active owners and we can help if you would like to try hunting and showing.  They are multi-purpose Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) gundogs and therefore they need a job, whether that be hunting, search and rescue, agility or something else that uses their brain.  They will be trouble for you if they are just kept as a pet who gets a walk or two each day.

You are very welcome to meet our dogs, find out more about them and help decide if they are the right breed for you and for us to meet you as well.  We want to be sure that our puppies will have the best of lives.

Please contact us through our Facebook Page

The Large Munsterlander Club also has a puppy register and you can contact John MacGregor the puppy co-ordinator through the Club website:

Please consider joining the Large Munsterlander Club, a newsletter is published 3 times per year and several events are organised each year including a championship Show, two open shows, working tests and field trials and breed information and training days.